The skin you’re in.

Skin problems suck. There are few things that make me want to cry under a pillow than a big old zit on my forehead. So, what do we do to hide these imperfections? We cover them with layers and layers of different makeups. Like, honestly the worst thing you can do…but what are your other options? Going outside with a zit?! God forbid.

I’ve always had something wrong with my skin. When it wasn’t a breakout, it was over drying from using those self proclaimed zit-zappers.


I’ve used everything from dermatologist medication stuffed with harsh chemicals you shouldn’t be putting anywhere near your body to Proactiv..and you know what? Nothing worked. You know what did work? Not doing anything.


Look at all that face junk. That’s way too much face junk.

For once, my skin is happy and healthy. I’ve stopped wearing face makeup when I don’t need to, use only organic natural products at night and just let my skin breathe.

During the morning I wash my face with only water and moisturize with face lotion that has some form of SPF in it (gotta keep that skin pale and healthy). At night I use a Say Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Facial Wipe to get away all that excess dirt and than wash my face with Say Yes to Grapefruit Facial Scrub. My skin has honestly never felt smoother and smells incredible.

So give it a shot. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and say hello to natural, healthy skin. Stop covering your face in layers of different coverups and allow your natural skin to shine. I understand it’s scary (trust me), but in the end it will be worth it when makeup is only an option instead of a necessity.

-Zoe Zephyr

Swatch City, USA

So, like many of you know, I adore lipstick. And my creme da la creme is Lime Crime. There’s a lot of controversial around the company and the owner, Doe Deere. Like many companies, LC has its haters and its die hard fans. It’s a small company, so it faces its difficulties with keeping up with it’s high demand of customer service. My family owns a small business, so I understand how difficult it may be regardless of how their CEO handles it.


But let’s just talk about lipstick.


Here we have my 5 colors – Red Velvet, Wicked, Glamour 101D’Lilac, and Oh No She Didn’t.


Here with flash…


…and here in natural light.

Red Velvet and Wicked are from the Velventine and Wicked Collection. Both are to die for. They go one shiny and dry matte, are impossible to take off (literally) and perfect.

Their opaque lipsticks are another story. I adore the D’Lilac and Oh No She Didn’t, they are not your everyday looks but are great for a little edge.

The only lipstick I was disappointed in was the Glamour 101. It goes on smooth but the color isn’t anything to write home about. It’s still a great color, but I like something that stands out a little more.

Regardless, Lime Crime is a great company for lipsticks and other beauty essentials. I’ve never had an issue with their customer service and I’ll always be a huge fan.

– Zoe Zephyr



Spring Fling Nail Edition

So, the NYC weather may be a little delusional right now but it is spring time. April is ending, so that means I experiment a little with color. And by a little, I mean only my nails. Really the only time I will play with color. So to spruce up my usual Black on Black ensemble I got this amazing new nail color.


I’m a major fanatic for Lime Crime Lipsticks, so I thought I would broaden my horizon to their nail polish collection. Once In a Blue Mousse goes on creamy and smooth and becomes this amazing Robin Egg blue.


For someone who doesn’t like to spend more than $1.00 on nail polish, this is worth the extra 8 bucks. I will most certainly be buying more LC nail polish in the near future.

And here’s a picture of the kittens for those who have been missing these furry monsters.


-Zoe Zephyr


True Life – I’m Addicted to Leggings and Shoes

MTV should really make a show about my closet full of Jeffrey Campbells and assorted leggings.

Just kidding. No one would watch that garbage. Any who, got some lovely things in the mail that I’m just dying to wear.


A classic pair of Cross of Saint Peter by Black Milk Clothing. Not only is it extremely comfortable in typical Black Milk fashion, but it has the ability to attract extremely cute kittens.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with the human body (inside and out). I mean, I have a Siamese twin skeleton tattooed on me for dogs-sake. So I was completely love struck when I found this pair of white skeleton anatomy leggings. They are from some Swiss company and, surprisingly, are made amazingly and made out of high-end nylon. I honestly will never take them off.

Oh, you’ve noticed my shoes. Please continue to swoon and compliment them.


Got these babies on sale from Sole Struck (one of my favorite websites). They are the Jeffrey Campbell Piranha. I had to get them a size big because these baes are a tight squeeze. They still need a little breaking in to do, but other than that they are great. Amazing quality and a great accent piece for simple dresses.

It’s been a great week for fashion in this household.

-Zoe Zephyr


Long time no see.

Hello readers,

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. New York is crazy and exhausting and sometimes I’d rather hide under my covers and cry than even think about doing work. Plus, we got a new little baby kitten who loves walking on computers and making it impossible to get any work done.


Meet Nola.

Anyway, back to makeup!

Many of you may know, but if not, Lime Crime released their Clueless Witch Collection. Ohmygod. It’s so perfect.

I decided with the Wicked Velventine color, as I’m a major dark red lip lover.


Why has no one ever told me I have such weird, uneven lips?

It goes on just so creamy, and immediately becomes matte. It’s perfect.


Here’s a messy swatch to show how much darker the Wicked is from it’s sister-color Red Velvet.

A major must have for all lipstick junkies.

Zoe Zephyr

Are you afraid of color?

It’s 2014; fashion is getting crazy. More so, makeup and hair are getting crazier. Pastel hair, blue lipstick,’s a pretty daring move. I think at this point in my life I’ve had almost every color of the rainbow. Blue, pink, turquoise, purple, bleach blonde, black, brown, red…my hair has seen it all. People would constantly tell me “I’m too scared for that” or “I could never pull that off”…says who? And honestly, who cares?

b7673894165011e3a4b822000aaa04bd_7Hair color is fun. It’s different and honestly, I think it looks great. Just looking at that picture fills me with sadness because of how badly I miss my lavender hair….like I’ll probably go re-dye my hair after this post.


If your feeling daring enough, Manic Panic is a great way to go. It’s vegan, so it doesn’t damage your hair like most hair dyes. However, to get these crazy colors you usually have to bleach..which your hair will not be stoked about. With proper care you hair will be happier than ever with deep conditioning and occasional washings. Manic Panic also offers a bleaching kit, which I swear on. It’s some of the best hair bleach I have ever experienced. It’s not the longest lasting dye, but if you want a great temporary color it’s the right product to pick.



Not ready to take that leap? Try Hair Chalk. Pretty messy to be honest, but if you just want to try a fun, crazy color it’s a perfect tester. I would highly recommend Urban Outfitter’s Rainbow Chalk Set. A bunch of colors and it’s super temporary.


Rebellious cats agree.

So, what are you waiting for…go for it.

-Zoe Zephyr


Shop Priceless

Hello new and old followers!

So, today I got a little surprise in the mail from;  A cute little online store with affordable, fashionable clothing. Most of their clothing is pretty bright, colorful and just begging to be worn to an outdoor festival. I, however, am not into any of that. Don’t worry though, I found clothing in black and it’s already covered in cat fur.


A girl can never have enough black crop tops…am I right? I’ve found it to be impossible trying to find a plain, black crop top that doesn’t cost $50+. It’s half the fabric, why must you be so expensive? So, thank you ShopPriceless for giving a great crop top for $8.


 Same goes for little black dresses…which my closet consists mostly of. The best part about such a plain dress is that you can go crazy with accessories and it’s totally acceptable.


 (I told you everything was already covered in cat hair)

I’m not a purse girl. I’d happily just wear a fanny pack everywhere I go yet I always need more room to put junk in it that I’ll never need. My old backpack is a piece…it’s falling apart, the snaps are broken and it’s pretty hideous and huge. Decided it was time for an upgrade.


 Yeah..they kinda lied on the website. It was supposed to have alien skulls imprinted on it, but I’m not one to complain.


 Koshka is disgusting by my relentless shopping, but her opinion doesn’t matter.

-Zoe Zephyr

Update – I sent ShopPriceless an email letting them know I was sent the wrong backpack (not complaining, but to notify them that the website was wrong, so no one else would get the wrong bag). They are sending me a brand new correct backpack and allowing me to keep the old one. So sweet. ❤